The world witnessed the strong performance of Korean national football team during the Football World Cup 2002 and 2007. They also have several of the most amazing football stadiums that you will ever see right in their ginseng land. We want you to know about this SeoulOlympic stadium. So do not go anywhere or you will miss the important detail of this cool place.

Football and Korean Dynasty

The Seoul Olympic football stadium is a really modern yet strong building. It is inspired by the form of Korean vase in the era of the Joseon era. The amazing shape is not the only thing which makes it special though. It also is the biggest football stadium in Korea in terms of seating volume. The capacity is around sixty six thousand and more. With a grass surface, this stunning football stadium was introduced to the world in the eighties after going through a serious construction in the seventies. Nowadays, you can probably see the Seoul football club training in the inside of the place before a big event as it is their house. Click here for more information on this stadium!

Seoul Based Events

This Korean football is not just for a football match hosting as it has held so many different international sports events in the past. Some of the most outstanding sports event which took place in this place includes the Asian games of ’86, the Olympics of ’88, and also the eastern Asian cup of two thousands and thirteen. By gracing the center of the sports arena in Seoul, this stadium is also a frequent concert venue with different artists such as Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, and Paul McCartney bracing the list, and the list goes on. So go ahead and come to Korea to visit this amazing football stadium soon. See this for updated events.

A “must-visit” Korean football stadium
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