Motorcycles are a fuel efficient, safe, and enjoyable mode of transportation. Some feel it may be dangerous or difficult, but motorcycle riding (when done properly) is a ride that cannot be compared. Riders should learn basic skills and follow all safety procedures and precautions when handling a motorcycle on the road. When learning how to ride a motorcycle there are steps you need to follow for your safety.

Start with Safety

The main concern with motorcycle riding is the driver failing to be safe and remaining in control. All motorcyclists should:

* Check and maintain their motorcycle

* Maintain reasonable distance behind other motorists

* Learn how to handle the motorcycle and have experience with it before entering roadways with other drivers

* Keep speeds at posted limits and keep up with the flow of traffic

* Wear a helmet

Know the Motorcycle Laws and Requirements

A permit followed by a license will be required to operate a motorcycle on public roads. Once you passed a written test to obtain your permit, you can then take a DMV driving test to get your license. If you are in a state that does not require a helmet, it is a necessity for safe driving to wear one. Check your state's laws regarding other requirements you may be required to follow.

You also need to research:

* Insurance requirements to drive a motorcycle

* Rules on carrying passengers

* Restrictions on weather related driving in your area

* Will express lanes be open to you for driving

* Are there noise limits in your area

Once you have become familiar with the laws pertaining to motorcycles in your state, you are ready to learn about the motorcycle you will be riding.

Know the Motorcycle

The first thing you should do when learning how to ride a motorcycle is get to know your bike, or the one you will be driving. Know how it will operate on the streets or roads you plan to travel. There are standard components and controls on motorcycles you need to be familiar with:

* Speed and fuel gages

* Left side handlebar clutch

* Foot pedal gear shifter

* Right side handlebar speed control

* Right side handlebar brake control

Have someone you know take you through the steps on how to operate these controls. You need to be able to sit and stand comfortably and be able to hold the motorcycle up when stopped. When you become comfortable supporting the motorcycle you can begin practicing. Choose a street that is isolated or a parking lot with no cars to begin learning how to ride a motorcycle. Have someone familiar with motorcycles with you to run through starting, accelerating, turning, braking and parking.

Riding the Motorcycle on Roads

When you become comfortable enough to enter public roadways make sure you know all traffic laws pertaining to the operations of motorcycles. A motorcycle may appear nimble, but they are not intended for darting between automobiles. Other motorists may not see you and this driving could cause a serious accident. Always keep your focus, as becoming distracted while driving a motorcycle is far more serious for you than an automobile driver. Always be aware of others drivers and have fun. Motorcycle riding is mostly about enjoying the ride.

Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle Safely and Legally