Many people have been asking if kosher salt and sea salt are the same, the fact of the matter is that they are very similar because sea salt is kosher grade.  However, sea salt is not kosher salt.  Kosher salt is not sea salt, but they share the same fact that they are kosher grade.  Kosher salt is used for other purposes than as a table salt, it is utilized heavily in meats and poultry.  While sea salt is a versatile salt that can be used in cooking, seasoning, finishing, or even as a table salt.  It can be very confusing with all of the different kinds of salts available in the world to differentiate between their qualities and texture luckily companies like Salts Worldwide are helping to inform consumers about all of the different kinds of salt that is available for purchase.

Salts worldwide is a company dedicated to providing the best gourmet sea salt, salts, and bath salt that money can buy.  Take time to learn about the different kinds of salts that are available from around the world due to this company.  Salts Worldwide is informing consumers about the difference in processed salt vs unrefined sea salt, make sure you take time to learn more today!

Is kosher salt and sea salt the same?
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