Mobile phone radiation is one of those facts of life, like black ice on the roads and freezing fog on the motorway and red meat clogging up your arteries. We read about it now and then, we think about it, and then we forget it, because mobile phones are far too useful to do without. Something is going to kill us eventually, and trying to avoid every single risk in life would mean staying in bed all day. And even that would kill us, from a lack of exercise….

Obviously, this line of thinking is flawed. Not only is mobile radiation avoidable, but the damage it does is often very subtle. For example, it damages sperm, which reduces our fertility and leads to an increased risk of birth defects. So it is not just us who suffers – it’s our children, too.


That said, when there is an easily avoidable risk to our own health, we surely have a duty to take action to avoid it. Mobile phone radiation can easily be avoided by putting your phone into an anti radiation phone case. No technology – from the nuclear bomb down to the television set – has ever been uninvented, so there is no point expecting mobile phones to go away. But the sooner we come to terms with their risk, and do something constructive to avoid it, the safer we will be.

Mobile Phone Radiation is a Fact of Life
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