Seaweed is a very healthful sea vegetable. It has far too many benefits to possibly list, but its better known ones are that it is nutrient dense, whilst at the same time very low fat. Another one is that some seaweeds can potentially help with weight loss – yeap, that's right, seaweed can help you lose weight.

Seaweed contains many micro nutrients that are often missing from many modern diets. Another interesting fact is that before modern times, those who lived further inland often had a higher chance of being iodine deficient. This can still be an issue for inland cultures who do not trade food with those that live nearer to the coast. Iodine deficiency can lead to slow metabolism, goitre and many other issues.  

So how can you incorporate more seaweed into your diet? There are some great tips to add seaweed into everyday dishes at, for example, if you are not too keen on the taste of strong seaweed, then its umami flavour lends itself to stocks. If you add some seaweed to your home made stocks you get the salty umami taste without the full seaweed flavour.

This also helped by the fact that seaweed is so nutrient dense that a little goes a long way. So if you do not like the taste of seaweed but want to get the health benefits, you can console yourself with the fact that you won't need to eat much.

How to incorporate seaweed into your diet
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