How to use and store of a folding knife

Folding knifes are the most popular type among the wide variety of knives. Its peculiarity is that the blade can be hidden in the handle. You can open it very quickly, with one movement of one hand. This is especially important in an emergency situation. Thin blade and perfect geometry make them a perfect tool to quickly cut the right material.

Caring about this weapon should be such that it can resist corrosion and has always been a well-sharpened. In such a case, they can be used at any time.

First of all, pay attention to the blade cleaning. Gently wipe the knife with a cloth fabric or cloth after using them. If you see that the knife deeply stained, it can be cleaned with a toothbrush and an ordinary detergent for dishes. The knife must be dried. You can wipe the knife with a cloth or use a hair dryer.

It is necessary to lubricate your folding knife, paying attention to the moving parts and friction components. Hinge of knife can be lubricated by different drops. After follow the procedure, open and close the knife a dozen times. If you use the knife, not less than once every few days, it is recommended to repeat this operation twice a year.

People think that corrosion occurs only on non stainless steel blades, but it is not. Even the best folding knives can be rusted. It can be any steel. Clean, polish and lubricate the blade and you will ensure its safety and reliability, as well as a pleasing appearance.

You will work faster, more efficient and safer with a sharp knife. So it reduces the risk that the blade can injure the owner. And besides, if you use a sharp blade holder will be more careful in the handling of these weapons.

It is best not to keep a knife in a case, especially leather. The most viable option for the weapon is considered to be loosely closed wooden box. If you want to keep the product for many years, store and treat it carefully. No need to feel sorry for the time or energy to care, especially since they require quite a bit. Pay attention to your state of the blade depends on it and your safety. Be prepared to devote a few minutes a day to your knife and it will be in the same condition as after purchase after a few years of using.

How to use and store a folding knife
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