More and more online sellers are now offering free shipping as part of their marketing strategy. While this is often claimed as the best way to bring customers in, other promotional offer alternatives may boost your sales even higher. A common aim for sellers to utilize free shipping would be to increase average order value by offering their customers free shipping reward upon going above a certain threshold limit. For example, giant retailers promotions like the Kohls Free Shipping Code impose a minimum limit of around $50 before customers can enjoy free shipping price cut for their purchase.

As suggested by many successful business owners, it may be beneficial for you to conduct an experiment to see whether or not free shipping would be the ultimate way to lure customers to buy your product. In doing so, you may want to provide two concurrent different offers to customers that they can choose at the end of their transaction, one being the free shipping offer and the other one being a discount percentage off their total purchase. It may be the case that a larger portion of your customers will choose the percentage off discount as they may want to spend less and increase their savings on the purchase. However, if they turn out to favor the free shipping offer, maximize your free shipping strategy with the help of already famous free shipping promotion such as the Kohl’s Free Shipping Code.

Free Shipping Tips For Retailer: Consider Alternatives