Have you ever started a workout program and thought to yourself, what did I get myself into. If you are into working out or weight lifting, chances are that you likely have.  The problem with a lot of fitness programs are they are either to intense or not intense enough and worse it's almost impossible to stay on pace with the instructor.  One program that is really different is the mi40 workout program, since it's all about weight lifting and is designed and geared for your personal growth.  The program can be completed in your home with just a few basic free weights or a lot of students perform the mi40 workout program in a gym.  

The best part of the program is that while your workout calendar is already filled out for you, you decide how much weight you lift and how hard you perform.  Thus, the mi40 workout program is really like having your own personal trainer who is working along side you to design your own unique fitness program.  The benefit of the mi40 training program is that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars a week on hiring a personal trainer, but you can get similar or better results with the program.

What Makes The Mi40 Weight Training Unique
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