Few wine lovers are lucky to possess perfect function built, cavernous, subterranean cellars. A number of us have imperfect storage arrangements for the wine, but it is important to learn how to protect wine from damaging conditions to ensure that we can get the most from the wine storage features available. There is a lot of variety in how different wines will answer adverse conditions. The aim on this page is to give you an overview of the considerations and the options available for storing your wine.


Temperature along with light is responsible for doing the most damage to wine. The ideal wine cellar temperature is in between 7-13 degrees C. For the higher end of this scale wines will fully developed faster. The key though is usually a constant temperature. If all other aspects are optimum then it is usually OK to store your wine at more achievable temperatures providing it’s a constant temperature.You can also read the best reviews of South Shore Vietti liquior bar cabinets online on many affiliate sites.


Natural and artificial light will do lots of damage to wine. If your wine closet isn't dark like the cellar or under stairs cupboard then this is a very easy to get over problem. Try and block from the area with a curtain or cover your wine with a blanket.


Relative humidity for wine storage should be at least 55% while using ideal range being 70-75%. The particular role of humidity with wine storage is a little bit controversial, although lack from it is believed to aid oxidation from the wine.

Wine Storage – Hints And Tips
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