With so many tires getting replaced each year, it is necessary that there are abundant of useful choices for using old tires. Some tires, if they are still in a good condition, can be re-treated and re-used as tires again. This however, is not a very common incident as tires are typically used until they are no longer suitable for purpose which indicates that the new, remolded tire may not be road safe. Listed below are some of the new and fascinating ways in which old tires have been put to good uses:


There have been many unique designs to reuse tires, many of which are for home furnishing products. Chairs, tables, rugs, and flower pots can all be made from tires and give house a unique look and at the same time protecting the atmosphere.


Often, waste tires are used in the construction of engineered landfill sites and flood defenses. Ground up rubber tire can also be used as a road material or it can be combined with concrete for use in construction projects.You can visit http://www.falkentiresreviews.com/ to know in detail about falken tires. 


There are lots of outdoor uses for tires as well, some practical, some fun and some just for aesthetics purposes. Rubber crumb from tires can be used to make sports surfaces and safety mats for children's play areas, while whole tires can make swings for playgrounds. 

What Happens To Used Tyres?