Tbilisi in Georgia serves as the capital of the country and is an important location. It is the financial and economic center of Georgia and the most prosperous city in the whole of Georgia. Many young people aspire to live and work in Tbilisi Georgia and its environs.

There are 3 main contributing factors which propelled the status of Tbilisi as the major capital city of Georgia. First would be the location. Tbilisi is located right next to Kura River. Its surrounding land is fertile and in the ancient times, colonies will settle around fertile lands which are conducive for agriculture activities. As population grows, the city becomes more developed with the advancement of economic activities.

Secondly, it is an important trade route in the olden days. Many trade activities takes place in Tbilisi and it is a prime location sought after by many old kingdoms. It is an important city where traders meet and exchange goods as there are many proper infrastructure such as water supply being built in Tbilisi.

Thirdly, Tbilisi is rich in culture and heritage.  People from all walk of life and cultural background choose their meeting point at Tbilisi to conduct discussion and set up educational institution.

Tbilisi, Georgia has definitely come a long way in Georgian history.

3 Reasons Tbilisi Is Georgia’s Capital