Nontraditional metal fabrication machining processes are those that are new to the industry and do not always use machining forces and fragile tooling. These nontraditional procedures often advance the metal fabrication industry by making it possible to cut materials that were formerly too difficult or impossible to work with.

Some of these processes are becoming more extensively used in the metal fabrication industry. Abrasive flow machining is a multifaceted process that directs a semisolid abrasive material back and forth between two contrasting cylinders with block or sheet metal positioned in between. You can visit this website to learn about metal fabrication services.

This process cuts through metals made of soft aluminum and nickel alloys. Another method of metal fabrication processing using abrasive flow machinery is abrasive jet machining. This process uses the same abrasive material, pushed at the metal at high velocities using a directed stream of compressed air or CO2.

This is highly effective in expelling, cleaning and cutting parts. The abrasive materials can consist of silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, boron carbide or glass beads. The added use of compressed gas helps to keep the materials and the working environment cool during processing.

The laminated object manufacturing metal fabrication process produces models from solid sheet materials. Solid sheet materials can be purchased in wholesale and are inexpensive than other types of production materials.

Nontraditional Metal Fabrication Machining Processes