Self defense is a growing problem for women, in an ever more violent world, especially since the majority of women actually know their attackers. This can put women at a level greater disadvantage because they could not suspect that they're in danger. The four most common self defense products for women are pepper spray, mace, stun guns, and teasers.

All women live with a specific degree of a violent crime occurring, as studies show that a woman 21 years of age features a 1 in 4 chance of being a victim of a violent crime in her lifetime. 

For women, much information is available about how exactly to lessen their risks, by staying alert, and how to respond if something happens, by fighting back. The next self defense products for women will undoubtedly be of great help any damsel in distress, especially since it begins to have darker earlier. 

A stun gun is just a used for stunning people for a quick time frame without causing serious or permanent injury. It is just a weapon that uses high voltage to stop an attacker, as touching a person for just a half second with the prongs on the gun will begin to immobilize them. The 928 stun gun is popular for the 3 million volts it could unleash, while making an overwhelming and loud noise. If you like the idea of having a stun gun as a self defense item, then simply check this link right here now.


Its rechargeable and the strips down the medial side add extra stunning power. Coming with a quick release carrying belt, it's one of the top selling self defense products for women.

Self Defense Products For Women