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Visiting Russia is a great idea for relaxing holidays. In the end of springtime and the beginning of the summer, you could have the best weather in Russia. It will support your activities which you want to do in Moscow.

Seeing the sun rises over Red Square

Red Square is the landmark of Moscow and Russia in general. It is famous as the heart and soul of Russia since a long time ago. If you commonly see the sunrise at the beach, seeing the sun rises over Red Square could be as magical as the sunrise over the sea. After you see the sunrise over the Red Square, you could visit the St. Basil Cathedral which was built in the 16th Century. Besides that, there are Lenin Mausoleum, Kazan, and Kremlin which are located around the square. This is a gorgeous spot to start your adventure in Moscow.

Strolling around the Arbat Street

The Arbat Street is also known as Old Arbat or Stary Arbat. For literature fans, this place is famous because it was once home to some of Russian’s finest writers. Some famous Russian artists lived on this street once too. Nowadays, it becomes a pedestrian street. While you take a stroll around the street you could see many street musicians, portrait painters, sidewalk cafes, restaurants, and souvenir stands. For a relaxing walk, finding a place to eat, and buying local souvenirs, the Arbat Street is the best place.

Relaxing in Moscow’s leisure parks

There are more than 100 parks in Moscow and countless gardens. The green areas in Moscow have bike rental stations, business area with Wi-Fi, outdoor cinema, and observatory to contemplate the sky. If you want to keep active in your holidays, you can stay in the hotel around the Gorky Park. It has beautiful jogging track with beautiful surroundings. This place is also known as the first-holiday park in the Soviet Union which was built with playgrounds and sports stadium.

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What You Could Do in Moscow
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