If you want to have six pack abdominals, you must have tried down various six pack exercises. I doubt if any of those have been helpful in giving you the toned and ripped abs that you long for. Ever since the fad for six pack abs has taken over the world, there has been an outbreak of machines, devices and workout routines for toning abs. Some of them work well, while others simply don't. Thus, it is very problematic to determine which would work the best for you. You can also get to know the six pack shortcuts 2 via various online sources.

What are the Best Six Pack Abs Exercises?

Six pack abs exercisers and experts have agreed upon three best six pack abs movements. These include:

• The bicycle maneuver

• Crunches on a floor or a mat, or even on an exercise ball

• The captain's chair

They are the most perfect six pack abs exercise workouts for both lower and upper abs.

These best exercises are easy to do and charge nothing, since they need no equipment. For bicycle maneuver, there is no requirement of any device or machine. However, the crunches can be done efficiently on an exercise ball, but it is also effective without it.

Observations prove that these three best six pack exercises have shown faultless results for many. They are even better than gadgets and machines accessible in the market for getting six pack abdominals.

The Best Six Pack Abs Exercises
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