Smoke Cartel is one the most popular store offering the smoking gear in USA. They have plenty great goods which is sold in the competitive price. They sell you water pipe, vaporizer, and other smoking accessories. In this article, I’ll give you some newly popular vaporizer sold by this shop.

‘The Roil’ Coil-less Vape Pen Kit

This gear has gain much popularity lately. This relatively new product has got the 4.31 out of 5 stars rating by its consumer. Vaporizer itself can be said as the new innovation in the smoke industry. It’s known for its health benefits. Vaporizer don’t do combustion of any material, so they will create such a seamless lung vaping experience. This R Series Coil-less Vape Pen Kit is made by the This Thing Rips from Florida. This vape can give you very smooth vaping experience. R Series Vape is made with the conduction style heating. This great gear is also equipped with A/C adapter, dabber tool, lithium ion battery. This vape can be used for thin oil and waxy oil as well. R Series vape is also safe since it’s made by medical grade non-stick silicone. You can get this vape for only USD 77.00 in Smoke Cartel online website.

The Titan I Vape

The Titan I Vape is the next fresh vape sold by Smoke Cartel. This is the dry herb vaporizer type with the convection style heating. This vape will vaporize, not combust the dry herbs. With the simple and compact design, this vape is really ideal for you. Titan I Vape comes with cleaning brush, user manual, metal screens, silicon mouthpiece covers within its package. You can get this vape for USD 49.00

There’re actually other great new vapes available in this store like R-Series Roil Cartridge Kit, OG Four 2.0 Lava-Quartz Coil Vape Pen for Concentrates, and many more. You can get the great equipment by just visiting their online store.

Best Vape in Smoke Cartel
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