The art of being aware has become a big topic of discussion lately, but what, precisely, can it be?

At its core, being cognizant just means focusing on all of the sensory details of your surroundings and being present in the minute. What matters most is how you plan to meet people around you and how you feel about it.

Considering we all appear to be glued to our screens — even when we're out with friends we haven't seen in ages — practicing mindfulness is certainly something we can all benefit from. It's been linked to such mental health benefits as improving your mood and lowering depression, anxiety and stress.

Prepared to get in on all the benefits mindfulness has for your relationship? Here's what experts must say on the things that couples that are aware do differently.

We've all been there. Something that your S.O. does regularly is becoming to you. Although it's leaving the dishes in the sink again, or something more serious, like texts from the woman at his office that you've been meaning to bring up but haven't. If you were being aware about how each of these situations was impacting your disposition, therapist Evie Shafner says you'd have the ability to address it without the conversation bursting into a major fight with your partner once you finally feel like you can't keep your mouth shut any longer.

"The willingness for each partner to practice this very learnable ability is what can really enhance a relationship. Each partner has to learn to spot these negative feelings before they become reactive, to quit before we harm. Mindfulness is a skill we can truly incorporate into our lives so that it becomes natural. Then it's always there for us, once it becomes natural. We subsequently become our own self-soother, and we can reflexively give ourselves the time to choose how we should act in a moment of tension with our partner — hopefully, with security and kindness!"

Are not unmindful of the way in which a given scenario with their partner makes them feel couples conscious, but they're so in tune which they're able to predict their actions and area when something might be off. "Being connected to a man means you are merely that — connected," clarifies relationship pro Alexis Nicole White. "You are able to read their body language, their minds and call their behaviors. Enable them to take the precedence in your life, demonstrating to them that they've been equally as significant as kids, your career, and even personal worth are. Be as in tune with them as if this were in the beginning stages of the relationship and not years down the line."

When they are incorrect they admit,

Do mindful couples confess when they are incorrect, but they approach each situation with the belief the fact which they could be wrong is very much a possibility that is on the table. "Approaching every difference with the mindset of 'I may be incorrect' allows couples to put aside their own feelings, beliefs, concerns and worries, and focus on which their partner is saying," author Phillip Petree clarifies. "This is an extremely difficult place to take and requires focus and mindfulness."

They convey effectively

When you're absent in a discrepancy you are having with your partner, it is very common to feel like you are not being understood, and vice versa. Therapist Carl Grody says that that is a standard problem among couples having difficulties, and a place where mindfulness can be especially helpful for solving problems. "Each couple that I work with is exceptional, but there are similarities in the way which their patterns of communication break down," he explains. "They have developed a pattern which is more concerned with keeping the peace than in resolving problems. These arguments frequently finish with one man or another feeling distressed they shut down the conversation before it can be worked out and so concerned. This is where a little mindfulness helps.

"The phrase 'mindfulness, seems complicated," he continues, "but it actually just means finding a method to stay in the moment. Simply by learning to comprehend the pattern of shutting down, and then reducing stress's impact in the discussion, couples feel safer trying to resolve their disagreement."

Mindfulness To Strengthen Your Relationship