With each new year comes the vow to change so many negative things in our life, in order to make them better. All too often, approximately three-fourths of the people who make a New Year's Resolution actually stick with it and see it through to completion. To avoid the inevitable failure of achieving these goals due to commitment issues and frustration, here are a few tips to help:

1. Eliminate procrastination. Getting started is hard, but sticking with it through continuous maintenance is worthwhile in the long run. Avoid anything that could get in the way of your progress.ou can easily get tickets for new years eve baltimore through http://charmcitycountdown.com/.

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2. Mentally prepare yourself for the goal at hand. You can't just name it and write it down. You have to visualize the process and the end result. You must take ownership of your plans and implement them in a timely and responsible manner.

3. Set bit-size and achievable goals within a reasonable time frame. Don't try to accomplish it all in a week or two. As you make it through each step, reward yourself in a manner that won't sabotage your success. Remember that the time frame someone else can achieve the same goal in, may not work for you. Set a pace that you can tolerate and stick to.

Turning New Year’s Resolutions Into New Year’s Solutions