So, winter is almost here and many people over the UK will have already turned on their heating systems. Oil boilers are complex machines and require regular maintenance to ensure they don't breakdown. Perhaps you have booked your oil boiler service?

What's in an essential oil boiler service?

Throughout a regular boiler service, your engineer will check and clean the next areas:

– Burner/Injections

– Pilot/Injector

– Flue-Ways

– Draught Diverter/Heating Exchanger

– Ignition Components

– Flame Supervision Components

– Controls/Connections

– Seals and Bones

– Wiring

The Need for oil Boiler Service

From the clear like reducing the chance of breakdowns aside, an ongoing service offers a number of additional advantages. You can also put your review about the oil boiler services online.

Money Saving

The efficiency of your boiler can be improved upon by as much as 10% simply by having something. This implies you shall save plenty of money on olive oil and other costs. Not having to spend for repairs is a huge save however your monthly costs of oil will certainly reduce because of the efficiency of your oil boiler.

Energy Efficiency

Being green isn't only good for the surroundings, but it's best for your budget too! Conserving energy means reducing your costs.


The regular service will ensure you are in the occurrence of a safe and secure heating/hot water system. Your oil boiler will be much less more likely to cause any unwanted damage whether it's regularly serviced.

Oil Boiler Service: Have You Had Yours?
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