A board of directors should manage their environment in the same manner as a business. A three-hour meeting in the middle of your work day is intrusive, why wouldn't a three-hour meeting in the evening be just as intrusive.

Just as there is in a work environment, a board should assess their board meetings on a regular basis and take action on those assessments. These assessments combined with a structured meeting environment should help your Condominium Corporation get back on track with its meetings. Here are some additional tips:

An agenda

A copy of the last meeting minutes

A copy of the most recent financial statements

Reports from any committees your corporation may have

A management report

As a director, it is your responsibility to come to board meetings prepared. All material provided to you should be read and if you have any questions, ask them before the meeting.For more information you about agendas you can also search meeting management tools

The Agenda

For the most part, agendas are stock standard listings of the order in which items are to be dealt with. They should be much more. They are a timeline of your meeting. This sample meeting agenda includes times. This is a must on your agendas, and the board should stick to those times. If you run out of time, then the item should be tabled until the next meeting. This will help encourage board members to ask their questions before the meetings.

How to Hold Effective Board Meetings