Depending on whether you are a wine drinker or wine collector will determine how much space you will need to store your wine and how. There are several rules that may be applied to storing wine.

  • Usually, do not store good wines or Champagne in the refrigerator for greater than a week. The taste of your wine shall go chiseled. Vibrations from the cycling of motors if they are from the refrigerator, washer/clothes dryer or dishwasher will reduce the flavor of wine beverages.
  • Also, refrigerators temperature of 35 degrees F is too low for wine storage. The very best heat range to store wine beverages is between 53 and 59 certifications F. Saving beyond that range will need from its taste.

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  • Wines must be stored in a moist area between 70% and 95% wetness. Under 70% humidness may dry the cork, going out of the seal significantly less than airtight. Above 95% moisture may bring about mold that could bring about the damaging of the label.
  • Wines should be stored within an area clear of natural sunlight. Ultraviolet rays may cause your wine to deteriorate.
  • Wine beverage must be stored from smell producing chemicals. The strong smells from paint, color remover, gas, etc. may permeate into the wines changing the taste.

A few wine lovers may be luckily enough to stay in a home that comes with an underground cellar which satisfies these criteria. However, almost all do not. A proper protected room may be built for storage space with a climate control device that humidifies and cools mid-air.


From Wine Amateur to Connoisseur – How to Store Wine