There are a lot of things to expect in Cebu especially that up until now, its mountain ranges or landforms remained and somehow to be untouched like it was before. The tourism sector of the province noticed that more and more non-locals, foreign travelers and even locals of Cebu are getting in to trekking or camping activities that is why the locals continues to safe-guard all the tourist spots keeping it untouched and clean as ever. With the advancement and modernization of things, locals made sure as well that with such changes in the community, tourist destinations will remain as it is and maintain its natural beauty.

One of the well visited places in the rural areas of Cebu are the kawasan falls to osmeña peaktour. A different and heart pumping land activity wherein newbies, intermediate and expert trekkers will enjoy the activity. Osmena peak is a thousand meters above sea level with a great overlooking view of Cebu south area – a place perfect for camping or just enjoy the scenic view of the surrounding. Kawasan falls on the other hand is one breath taking spot wherein cliff jumping and waterfall massage can be made in the area. Overall, both connecting places will definitely test someone’s physique during the trek while enjoying nature adjoining them.

Kawasan Falls to Osmeña Peak
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