Mismanagement of crowd can prove to be disastrous many times. At mass crowd gatherings such as protests, festivals and special religious days, handling the crowd can be a big headache for the safety and controlling agency.

In order to resolve this issue, many barrier techniques such as police barracks have been incorporated to control the crowd, but they are effective only to a certain extent in not letting the crowd get out of control Let us now take a look at some of the other methods effective in controlling crowds:

  1. Chain-Link Fencing: This is a temporary fencing made up of barbed wires wound over poles fixed at definite distances resembling a chain. This technique is really popular and has helped many organizations with crowd control solutions outside their offices and other important buildings.
  2. Free-standing Panels: These panels are somewhat similar to chain link fencing but these are mobile and can be moved to different locations and consequently fixed to the nearest support in order to provide an effective temporary method against unmanageable crowds. This crowd control method has been adopted by police and army to control several riots and protests.
  3. Privacy Screen Panels: These panels are chain linked fences with 100% solid vinyl banners pasted on them to give complete privacy to the people inside the area. These types of fences are usually 85% opaque and are available in different graphics. These barriers are widely used by high profile celebs and VIPs who prefer to live their lives away from the gaze of paparazzi and their fans.
Different Types of Crowd Control Barriers