Fibroid is one of the most common diseases that affects women in their mid ages and it can be aweful especiallly during pregnancy, most often times, a cesarean section has to be performed to remove the baby as fibriod tumours block the womb making it difficult for the woman to push the baby out. Good a thing that there are alternative medicine practioners who can give  a good herbal remedy to shrink fibroid naturally without the need to perform surgeries. 

Surgeries most times do not get rid of fibroid at the root cause, the surgery only removes the already formed fibroid, to shrink fibroid naturally without surgery is to kill the fibroid tumours right at the cell level, tumours are basically bad cells that feed and grow on nutrients of food ingested into the body. One of the most common cause of fibroid is long untreated infections which then infects and takes over the functioning cells of the body.

Some symptoms of fibroid include

Painful Intercourse

Painful menstrual cramps

Low libido or drive

Stomach cramps


Still births

Premature births


Low productivity


To get rid of tumours, antixoxidants are your best bet, as they degenerate and regenerate new cells, well i mean, they kill old bad cells and replace them with new cells. Antioxidants are present in most fruits and oils like

Olive oil

Goji berries

Black cummin

Seseame seed oil

Cocoa powder

There are also lots of other sources, a quick search online will open you up to so many options, the most sad symptom of fibroid which is painful intercourse is actually a pain in most relationship and you know men will be men, they will rather go outside to have fun than hurt their partners and this is not really a nice idea and it is against the moral standard of the bible and society. So getting rid of fibroid for every woman who has it is a must if they truly want to keep their homes and families intact, truth is, men love intercourse period and lots of it


Fibroid Symptoms you women should know about
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