It’s often made out to be the bad guy in today’s medical world.  But….Believe it or not, cholesterol is an imperative molecule in the body.  By opting the right diet and workout program, you can put the power of cholesterol to work for you.  

No need of appointments to see your health specialist.

What is high cholesterol?

Do you know that our liver produces cholesterol?

Note: Well, our liver produces up to 1-2 grams of cholesterol per day. Production can lessen when we eat cholesterol-rich foods and increase when we eat foods without cholesterol.

Cholesterol’s name is picked from the Greek words “khol”, or bile (since it was first isolated from gallstones), and stereos, or solid, which indicates that it’s part of a class of molecules that are known collectively as sterols. (The term “steroids” comes from this common root.)

Cholesterol is essential to harvest vitamin D, steroid hormones, and even bile acids. It’s also a constituent of cell membranes.


According to the experts, cholesterol is fatty and doesn’t mix well with blood, so it moves in our blood via a protein “cover” known as a lipoprotein.

You might have heard about HDL and LDL cholesterol. Well, these aren’t actually “cholesterols” but the protein “wrappers” that transfers the cholesterol.

HDL or high-density lipoprotein, aka “good cholesterol”, mops up additional cholesterol and transports it to the liver for discarding.

LDL or low-density lipoprotein, aka “bad cholesterol”, also has a significant job: it transfers cholesterol and fat from the liver to the rest of the body.

LDL cholesterol seems to be the most challenging when it comes to heart and vessel health, as it’s delicate and vulnerable to oxidation. 

Understanding Nutrition’s Most Controversial Molecule Cholesterol
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