Recent health information has revealed that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer and it is estimated around a third or more of cancers are related to diet.  This means we are not getting enough of foods which help to prevent cancer from starting or we are eating too much harmful foods which allow cancer to grow in our bodies.Let’s talk about the foods which we should avoid or completely cut from our diet.  

Sugar consumption can  lead to being obese or overweight which can lead to a higher risk of cancer.  Sugar can also promote the growth of cancer because cancer cells prefer glucose from sugar as an energy source.  Try to stay away from sodas, anything with high-fructose corn syrup and starchy carbohydrates like pasta or bread.  Red meat has also been shown to increase risk of colon cancer and can be harmful especially if it is processed, cured, or smoked.  This can include lamb, beef and pork.  It is also important if you are going to have meat in your diet that you try to ensure it is organic, grass-fed and free range.  Try to limit your intake of red meat and stick more to free-range poultry and wild caught fish or you can get your proteins from vegetables.  It is also best to stay away from any food which is processed.  Most processed foods contain high contents of salt, sugar and poor quality fats, all of which can contribute to risk of cancer.  Anything that is made to have a long shelf life is usually preserved with salt and nitrates.  If you do consume these foods try to only have them in small portions and leave a few days between consumption to let your body have time to process.  

Nutrition and diet are important to keeping the body balanced and cancer free.  Many doctors agree that keeping the body alkaline helps to prevent cancer from growing in the body.  My local San Diego Chiroparctor, Dr. Henry Wong sells alkaline wands which you can use to turn regular water into alkaline water.  Many other local San Deigo Chiropractor have also started to include the selling of these products to their patients for optimal, natural health.  If you have questions about the alkaline wand and how to purchase contact your local wellness provider.


Foods To Avoid To Help Cancer Prevention
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