Today, bathrooms are no longer considered as a mere utility. Most people consider them to be the best place to relax and unwind after the hard day at work. Therefore, most homeowners are converting their bathrooms into relaxing mini spas. If you are also considering giving new looks to your bathroom, then you should choose bathroom paneling. 

Why Choose Bathroom Paneling?

Bathroom wall panels are an ideal substitute to the conventional tiles and paint. Since, paint tends to chip off and peel after certain time. Moreover, paint cannot endure extreme humidity, moisture and temperature in the bathroom. Similarly, considering tiles is also a bad option as mould and mildew is often seen in the tile grout. Whereas, bathroom wall panels can withstand an extreme bathroom conditions and do not allow the occurrence of moulds or mildews. (Check full range of bathroom pvc wall panels at WallJazz)

The bathroom wall panels come is various design and colours that can certainly improve the interior look of any bathroom. Moreover, bathroom wall panels are lightweight, waterproof and require less effort for the installation. It can easily keep your bathroom an enticing place due to its durability. Moreover, if you have required knowledge about bathroom paneling, then you can easily install panels on your own.

Bathroom Paneling Materials

There are array of material that can be used for the bathroom paneling. Bathroom wall panels come in various patterns, colours and style. You can choose the desired wall panels for the bathroom paneling. While buying wall panels for bathroom, you must choose better quality panels so that it may last long. Following are the most common type of bathroom paneling materials.


Most of the people prefer PVC bathroom paneling due to its lightweight and durable characteristics. It is also available in various design, sizes and colour. Moreover, it is resistant to mildew and mold growth. It can also easily withstand heat and steam. 


Wood bathroom paneling is an also popular choice of people. Since, it provides a rich and elegant look to the bathroom. However, it does require great care and maintenance. Some fine quality wood wall panels are resistant to steam, moisture and heat. Therefore, it is important that you must choose the better quality wood panels. 

Embossed Tile Board

This type of bathroom paneling is also available in various patterns and colours. It also has great properties such as resistant to moisture, heat and steam with durability. 

Bathroom Paneling Styles 

Currently, there are three popular styles of paneling, full wall paneling library and wainscoting. In full wall paneling, the panels of size 4 x 8 ft are simple installed with the help of carpenter’s glue. It provides seamless and uniform appearance to the walls. Library style paneling involves installation of square panels in the checkerboard style. This style is usually used in the libraries. The last style of bathroom paneling is wainscoting. It includes covering bottom half of the wall with the panels and painting rest of the part. The bottom half of the wall, which is covered with panels will protect the bathroom wall from moisture and steam. 

Bathroom Paneling – Ideas and Installation Simplified