When it comes to beautification of your house, you cannot afford to comprise on the materials you decide to use as well as the beautification methods. Most people think that the bathroom does not need much attention or beautification work. This can be attributed to the fact that it is usually out of sight from most guests or in most cases the financial resources run out before getting to the bathroom. Priority is given to the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms and the dining room when it comes to allocation of financial resources for the development of your house.

But in what ways can you exactly improve the outlook of your bathroom? That might the pestering question in your mind at this particular moment. You might have heard of the term bathroom wall paneling. Bathroom wall paneling is a fantastic way of beautifying your bathroom without the use of wall tiles, floor tiles or the use of wall paint. Bathroom wall paneling gives you more than the wall tiles and the wall paints. When it comes to wall paneling, there is a wide range of designs available for you at an affordable price. To take a close look at the surfaces available, you can get natural stone design and mosaic design. In addition to the wide available designs at affordable cost, the installation of such wall panels is easy and convenient.

When choosing Bathroom Wall Paneling

  • It is important that you choose the waterproof bathroom wall paneling. The waterproof wall panels are specially made to be used around water and steam without being damaged. In addition to being waterproof, the wall panels can be easily cleaned by use of water and hence leave the beautiful appearance intact.
  • If you want durability as part of your bathroom walls, then the bathroom wall paneling will give you that. Bathroom wall paneling has a record of being lasting longer than wallpapers or paint.

How to Install Bathroom Wall Paneling

  • Before installing of your bathroom wall paneling, it is imperative that you ensure that you have removed all the wall hangings in your bathroom such as shelves, toothbrush holders, towel fixtures etc. Not to mention the shower and window curtains. This clears the way for easy as well as fast installation work.
  • First remove the sheet rock in order to have a smooth surface for installing the wall panels. Take the measurement for both the height and the width of the wall. In places where the surface is slanted, angled or uneven, it is wise for you to take the dimensions separately.
  • Cut the panels using a table saw according to measurement in order to perfectly.
  • The panels should be attached using wooden screws on the frame board and ensure that the top and the bottom edges of the panels are secured properly. For areas such as the corners and the overlapping parts, you can use small nails to make sure the panels are properly attached.
  • For the finishing part, use the wall trims at the bottom and the top of the panels. Moreover, you can use a narrow at the top and a wider trim at the bottom. Finally, you can use a designer or a plain trim depending on the wall panel. This is in order to match the trim with the wall panel.
Bathroom Wall Paneling Options Available in the Market