Many people in USA who have pet cats in their house are often seen wondering how to get cats to stop spraying. Well, it is impossible to get cats to stop spraying completely. But, what they can do is alter their behavior so that they don’t spray in the house. Every time they want to spray, they can go out to the lawn and spray urine.

People having cats in their homes spend a  lot of time cleaning the urine stains on the floor of their house. So, instead of wasting time cleaning urine stains, they can take the time to train their cats to urinate outdoors. This is the best course of action they can take on how to get cats to stop spraying indoors.

There are many methods to get cats to stop spraying in the house. The most easy method is to notice the times at which your cats spray daily. At those particular times, you can take your cats out to the lawn for a walk and make them spray on the lawn. At first, they may refuse to spray on the lawn because they are not used to it. The lawn is a new place for them  and they may be afraid. But, you should not give up. You should try this at least for a month. Eventually, your cats will learn to spray on the lawn. But, you have ti be careful while taking all of your cats together out for a walk. It may be difficult to control them all at once. You never know. Any of your cats may run away. They may even be attacked by another street cat or even a bunch of dogs. So, you must always take one or two cats out for the walk at a time.

If you don’t have time for this, then you can consider appointing somebody for this task. There are many jobless people looking for walk. You can choose a trustworthy person and ask him or her to come to your house at specific times in the day and take the cats out to the lawn or to the park in order to get cats to stop spraying indoors. This is similar to appointing a nanny to look after your baby.

Even after a month of taking your cats outdoors, if they don’t stop spraying indoors, then it is time for you to consult a cat training specialist. Such a specialist would be knowing something about cats which you may have never thought of. He may be able to give you more insights on training cats. He may be able to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions on how to get cats to stop spraying.

You can ask your veterinarian about a cat specialist which he may be able to recommend. You can also look for one on the internet. Mos of these cats specialist charge by the hour. You can discuss the rates before actually hiring one to help you figure out techniques on how to get cats to stop spraying.

How to Get Cats to Stop Spraying?
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