How to Properly Decorate a Wedding

Banquet Hall Without Crossing Wedding Budget?

You need not spend a fortune on the decoration of wedding banquet halls. Even if you have a limited budget for the wedding reception, it is still possible to decorate the hall in a way that it makes your guests appreciate the results you have been able to achieve.

In this context we will look at some of the decoration ideas you can try at the banquet hall to create that special atmosphere which matches your imagination as well as the theme you have planned for the wedding. Well, you can send a rose online on your beloved’s wedding.

Impressive Yet Budget Friendly Decoration Tips for Decorating Wedding Banquet Halls

wedding banquet hallsSome of the decoration tips you can include the banquet hall would consist of:

  • Order roses online
  • Innovate with candles
  • Utilize food and cake differently
  • Get artistic with ribbons

Utilize In-season Flowers

Decoration at the banquet hall can be enhanced by using in-season flowers. There are two main benefits of using in-season flowers, these are:

  • Get better pricing for such flowers as compared to what you will have to pay for some exquisite off-season flowers. You can order roses online for your party.
  • You can easily get such flowers from local vendors while it will be necessary to bear expenditure on shipping if you purchase off-season flowers from some far off place.

Put Candles to Effective Use

A romantic environment is a must for a wedding reception and nothing can be better than candles for achieving the desired results. Moreover, a cost of candles is generally quite less which makes liberal use of candles for decoration purpose possible without negatively affecting your wedding budget. Some of the options to contemplate would include tea lights or votive candles encircling the centerpieces. In addition to it, you can also put candles over mirrored bases to create astonishingly elegant reflections.

Use Food and Cake Differently

  • Food: An innovative twist to table decoration could be in the form of fruit centerpieces or artisan bread. Additionally, mints in small bowls can prove to be the colorful option of decorating the dinner tables. Similarly, the dessert bar can be decorated using candy jars to achieve unique decoration at the venue.
  • Cake: Apart from food it is possible to utilize cake for decoration. By keeping the cake at a central position at the venue you can create a focal point, which guest can look into and admire. Since food and cake are already part of your wedding budget, using them as part of the decoration will not increase your budget in any way.

Get Artistic with Ribbons

Seat covers tend to be expensive and if you are trying to cut your expenditures then such seat covers can not be part of your decoration. You can utilize wide ribbons in place of seat covers and tie them to the back of all the chairs to create a special feel at the venue.

A Final Note

Decorating wedding banquet halls need not be an expensive affair. There are options to utilize even if you have limited wedding budget to create that special ambiance at the venue.

Tips On Decorating Your Wedding On a Budget
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