Going on a long, relaxing vacation usually involves taking lots of pictures, so you pack a camera bag with your gear and head out.

The wrong kind of camera bag(also known as กระเป๋า กล้อง in Thai language) can become such a problem that you end up leaving your camera behind in your hotel room so you don’t have to hassle with it.

Small Camera Bags for Sightseeing

If you have simple point and shoot camera, your best choice is a nice, lightweight camera bags that will tuck into your pocket, bag or a tummy pack so you aren’t carrying extra weight or bulk you don’t need. Most point and shoot or auto-focus cameras don’t need more compartments for attachments and lenses.

If you’ll be putting your camera in your pocket or bag, you may simply need a soft, drawstring camera bags which can easily be tucked away. Search for ones that feature a lock on the drawstring for added safety. These are best for vacations that are devoted to sightseeing and guided tours where the risk of more severe camera damage is minimal.

If you’ll be going someplace more rugged and are worried about bumps and dropping, consider a small padded camera bag. You can get some excellent ones that also feature enough space for extra batteries or a lens polishing cloth. If you are really interested in buying messenger bags then you can http://www.incase.co.th/store/bags/messenger-bags.html.

Some people are so excited about their camera and equipment that they purchase a costly camera bags with every feature imaginable so that they can carry lenses, cameras, filters, flashes and tripods in 1 case or bag. This is a superb idea for photo opportunities when you will “want everything.” However, on holiday you will normally want to beautify what you carry, paring things down to the essentials.

It may seem like a great idea to have an oversized backpack camera bag, but about four hours into a significant sightseeing hike in Egypt, you’ll be cursing the cumbersome backpack. For this reason, anyone that has a backpack camera bags might want to consider investing in an extra holster camera bag for day trips where lots of walking or travel of any sort is involved. Holster style camera bags keep you camera handy when leaving your arms free without

Holster style camera bags keep you camera handy when leaving your arms free without weighing you down. They are large enough to hold some essentials such as extra batteries and additional memory but small enough to be comfortable all day long.


The Right Camera Bag Can Preserve Your Holiday