There is a trend towards buying military-style meals that are ready to eat. These meals are self-contained in packages that only need to be opened to reveal tasty, nutritious hot meals that can be eaten right away.

Many people are getting in on the MRE trend. But, some say you have to be careful buying military grade meals and that they are not legal to buy if you do find them for sale. 

Some people are just looking to stock up on MREs just in case there is an emergency or a natural disaster. But, what if you just want to use them for camping trips? 

They seem like they would be the perfect food to stock up on for a full day's meals. These meals are conveniently packed in a single container. Many of them have condiments and utensils packed right in with the meal.

I know that there are many choices available for these meals. Some of them are sold as military grade without being actual military property. I was wondering if any particular MRE brands are best for camping. I have seen reviews online for MREs that are made for outdoor use, so I would assume they are great for camping.

Are MRE Meals Good For Camping?
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