Internet business directories are a highly popular place to market a business. Most businesses post their links to a company directory in order to  improve search engine ranking and get more visitors to their site.

By creating your own small business directory on the internet, you can create a good income, enhance your search engine rank, and get links back to your website. Getting links back to your website from other web sites will increase your rank and so increase traffic to your site.

Start your own internet business directory

It is easy to start your own internet business directory. To get business registration online  add their link, you should first offer it as a free service. This will help you build up your business links , acquire traffic, and boost your search engine rank. It is important that a back link is posted.




Database Design

If you don’t have the technical ‘know how’ to make a database design or the money enlist the services of web designer to create one, you can simply use some basic html static webpages. Search engines like Google enables visitors to search your directory.

Online Business Directory

There are online companies offering script for developing a fully featured and multi use online business directory. These business directory creators support a broad range of goods, services, banners, and logos. One has the capacity to incorporate it within their existing site or have it as a stand alone website. It only takes a few minutes to install the script and create the directory. Checkout for more additional information about corporate tax planning in Malaysia

Contact Information

These directory scripts may perform a number of functions such as adding a organization’s contact information, its products and services with thumbnail pictures, logos, banners, maps and secure online user/administrator interface to update information whenever they want. Visitors are able to search the company database within their targeted area. When installed and the directory is up and running, everything will be done automatically.

Business Registration Process

These script installation directory sites allow users to gain access to an easy to use business registration process, upgrade or modify their information at any time, and they’ll be given a password to enter their account. The login is encrypted and secure.

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