Floyd Mayweather has landed himself stuck in an unfortunate situation in London for utilizing a gay slur against Ireland's UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor. 

In a tirade conveyed at Wembley Arena Mayweather freely and forcefully called McGregor "a f**got" amid their last open standoff, in front of their August 26 session in Las Vegas. 

Mayweather additionally guaranteed to thump McGregor out amid the tirade, while naming UFC President Dana White a "pimp" and McGregor a "ho". 

The horde of 11,000 had before thundered at stunning levels for the Irishman before droning "take a seat, quiets down" at the 49-0 American boxer. 

McGregor kicked things off typically encouraging to destroy Mayweather's inheritance and thump him out, while calling him a "b**ch" in addition to other things. 

Prior to the go head to head Mayweather was more measured in his public interview, nearly on occasion attempting to assume the part of underdog in front of a battle against a man who has never battled a solitary round of expert boxing. 

Mayweather suggested he realized what a risk McGregor could be to him. 

"I see a warrior when I investigate his eyes," Mayweather said. 

"McGregor is the more youthful man. He's greater. He has the compass. He's ravenous, he's more dynamic than me. 

"This is about murder or be slaughtered." 

Still Mayweather disproved the idea that McGregor, who has finished so a considerable lot of his UFC battles by means of knockout would or could send him to the canvas oblivious. 

"Trust me, it won't be a dull battle," he said. 

"Be that as it may, it is highly unlikely he will thump me out. Contenders bring a very surprising style when they battle me. I simply make changes in there." 

McGregor negated Mayweather's idea that he won't have the capacity to deal with a boxer who is certainly one of the best ever. 

"I am grasping the way that I am impacting the world forever here, this is something that will live on long after I am gone and I am extremely pleased with that," McGregor said. 

"Yet, he is in a tough situation and he doesn't comprehend what he has got himself into against a creature like me." 

McGregor, who was making the most of his 29th birthday celebration on the night said it doesn't make a difference to him if Mayweather feels he has been slighted by the Irishman. 

"In the event that he feels affronted then he is a blockhead and f**k him also," McGregor said. 

"In any case, now I am here to battle so f**k the greater part of that poo."

Floyd Mayweather names Conor McGregor a “fa**ot” at London stop of world press-visit
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