Every weight loss program requires you to put in some time and effort in your workouts. These workouts can quite often lead to minimal or even acute injuries. Pushing your body beyond its limit too soon, repetitive movements and not sufficient rest can put a halt on your workouts.

Here is how you can avoid some common workout injuries.

Strenuous back

You can experience strains or nerve compressions by squatting or by doing dead lifts if you have improper form. To prevent back injuries build a stronger and flexible back by performing regular Yoga. Apart from preventing back injuries it benefits your body in other ways as well. Open the blog http://wisejug.com/ to unlock more secrets about Yoga.

Ankle Sprain

Running on an unbalanced terrain or jumping off the treadmill while you are running can make your ankle rotate in an unnatural direction. To stay safe try to run on sidewalks or go to a running track. When using a treadmill use the option most treadmills have which requires you to attach a clip to your clothes, for instance if you jump off or fall the machine will automatically stop.

Shin Splints

Inflammation along the inner edges of your shinbone is common among runners, workouts that involve a variety of jumping or by simply increasing the intensity/frequency of your workouts. To stay safe wear proper shoes, run on a smooth terrain and slowly increase the intensity of your workouts.

How to prevent 3 common workout injuries
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