Not only are you drenched up in sweat from head to toe in the scorching and humid July, working out in the heat can affect your attitude and energy level as well. Sweltering temperatures may perhaps keep you away from your desired weight loss goals. However, don’t use it as an excuse to skip out on your workouts until the weather cools down.

According to research, exercising outside in a high temperature can have an effect on your muscles at a cellular level including your performance too. In an ongoing experiment the researchers are involved in extracting muscle tissue from the thigh of the participants before, right after and 3 hours later from their workout. The findings suggest, participants perform better in cool conditions in comparison to the hot conditions.

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Working out in the scorching humidity can cause your body to overheat as the sweat does not evaporate immediately due to the moisture in the air. Therefore, the body does not cool off as readily and sufficiently. This way the body perhaps might not be able to perform to its true potential or might be less motivated to exercise in the first place.

Hence, pick a time when the temperature is comparatively better or just workout in doors to burn off calories.

Is working out in the heat good for you?
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