Being an active service member of United States armed forces you need to follow strict military laws.  The military court follows strict Uniform Code of Military Justice. It includes all the military criminal laws and procedure.

Various criminal offence prescribed by the UCMJ is known as Punitive articles and few of other offences are drug offences, fraud, rape, murder and other serious military offences.

If you are found guilty of charges of misconduct you could face court martial. A military criminal defence firm having the team of expertise military lawyers can help you to avoid court martial. You need to hire a well-trained, aggressive military lawyer who is capable of defending you in the court trial.

There are various options to avoid a court martial:

•    Prior to trial, your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf by filing a bargain plea in a Civilian trial.

•    In some cases, you can also sacrifice your job to dismiss all charges on you.

•    If you are eligible, you can take retirement earlier from your set date and can also get financial benefits.

•     An offender can also take retirement at a lower rank than their actual rank on the approval of the administration.  

However, if you are accused of any offence you should hire a military lawyer who will defend you and avoid your court martial or try to dismiss charges against you.  

How to avoid court martial?
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