Products trade and the home automation marketplace have been changing over the last couple of decades. Earlier advertised chiefly as houses equipped with modern safety features, the wise home market today has been progressing into additional domains like entertainment systems, lighting alternatives, smoke detection systems, movement detection, biometric scans and therefore has improved the overall efficiency of their ordinary home automation program. Are you ready to turn your home into a smart home? If yes, then click over here to get more info about home automation.

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Lack of exposure to the Internet of Things and smart home technology

The gross Indian market is yet unaware of the smart home or the IoT due to lack of adequate media coverage. Currently, only hobbyists/technology enthusiasts or people with a keen interest in the field are aware of the advantages a home automation system can provide.

Lack of understanding of the value of a smart home

When the words ‘smart home’ is mentioned to the average Indian consumer, the first thing that comes to their mind is the use of advanced security features and basic lighting control in homes.

The cost of existing technological solutions can be afforded only by the “well-to-do”

One of the key setbacks the home automation market in India has had is the high costs of the products, hence deterring the average consumer from purchasing home automation systems.


Description of Home Automation