A swimming costume is an attire designed for people involved in aquatic activities or water sports like swimming, diving, and surfing, etc., or worn by people engaging in sun-based activities, such as sunbathing. A swimming costume is available in different styles and sizes for men, women, and children. It is identified by a number of names, some of which are geographically specific. Swimming costumes are worn by models and bodybuilders to flaunt their bodies in beauty pageants or bodybuilding contests or in glamour photography and magazines. You can also explore personal training to get more information regarding Swimming.

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1) Unisex Swimming Costumes


Boardshorts are a long short that reaches knees or a bit lower than knees. They have a tight-fitting non-elastic waistband.


A rash guard is a kind of athletic shirt made of fibers like nylon, spandex or polyester and is worn as an alternative to wetsuits during warm weather as it offers UV protection.

Wetsuit and Drysuit

Wetsuits and dry suits are close fitted; insulated suits which are designed for prolonging aquatic immersion.

Racing suits

Racing suits are made of technologically advanced fabrics meant to reduce the strain at the main areas of the body so that it becomes easier for the athlete to swim.

Swimming Costumes and Its Different Types