Remove and high-pressure cleaning denotes the usage of this mix of water and pressure to clean grime dirt and mold. High-pressure cleaning may be used to clean pebble Crete concrete, sandstone, tennis courts, outdoor tiles, bricks, pavers and wood decking. You can also explore to get wiser options about high-Pressure Cleaning.

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General Cleaning Advice

Prior to undertaking any pressure cleaning, ensure you check the latest water restrictions as the use of a high-pressure cleaner may be illegal in your state or territory.

Prior to the commencing pressure cleaning, to assist your process, remove any leaves and debris from the surface prior to being cleaned. Remove any furniture or electronics from the area. Prior to the starting of your machine ensure that all hoses are attached and water is running. Avoid running the machine dry to enhance the machine durability and performance over the long term.

Upon starting the machine allow a minute to pass to allow the machine to build pressure. Select the desired throttle level to choose the pressure level required for the surface you’re about to clean.

If using a pressure gun or turbo attachment, ensure that there is a slow constant controlled movement of the pressure gun. This will eliminate the likelihood of missing patches of dirt and create a streaky finish. Do not use the pressure gun too close to the surface as this will remove the top layer of the surface.

High Pressure Cleaning Advice