• Firmly grip the microscope, such as your polarized light microscope, by the stand or the base.

The proper way of holding a microscope, especially when carrying it out, is having one hand under the base and the other hand holding the arm. Never ever grab your polarized light microscope from the eyepiece holder.

  • Make it a habit to turn off the illuminator, when not being used.

Microscopes, especially compound microscopes, require an illumination system. This system acts as the light source of the microscope. When not being used, turn it off. Bulbs are costly and have limited life. Get familiar with a variety of microscopes and about their usage of Industrial Microscope Having Large Zoom Ranges.


  • Use appropriate cleaning materials.

First of all, you should try your best not to introduce dirt and flaws into your microscope, like your polarized light microscope. When such a scenario is inevitable, then it’s important that you use the appropriate cleaning materials. Do not use your hand or your shirt when wiping the slides or the lenses.

  • Never remove a slip when focused on a high powered objective.

After observing a specific specimen on a slide, don’t immediately remove it from the point most especially if it is concentrated using a high powered goal.

  • Focus smoothly.

When focusing on a specimen, do it smoothly. Do not try to speed this up. Mind the knobs and screws in your polarized light microscope, for instance.

Here Are Some Tips For Tackling Your Microscopes