There a range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS System) technologies readily available, most that may have various advantages and disadvantages.  This report aims to help direct you at the suitable pick for the application.

All of UPS Systems contain a rectifier that converts your typical mains AC power into DC power, an effluent which converts DC power into AC power, and also an energy storage medium that’s generally lead-acid batteries. You can check out these products from various online sites like

There are just three main UPS technologies off the line, Line-Interactive and Online Double Transformation – and two distinct varieties of the inverter – Square wave (also called pseudo-sine wave or modified sine wave) along with sine wave. An offline UPS supplies basic quantities of power security.

A line interactive UPS is comparable to an offline UPS but gets the extra advantage of voltage law.  Which usually means that it’s going to lessen the mains voltage whether it goes too much (called “dollar”) or enhance the mains voltage once it goes too low (called “boost”).  It is going to do so without reverting to battery life and thus conserve battery lifetime.

Brief Introduction about UPS