It may seem like women have fewer options with regards keeping concealed weapons hidden, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays there is a wide variety of concealed carry holsters for women with handguns of virtually any shape and size so that even the well-dressed damsel can stay safe and secure without showing all of her cards. You can also visit to know more about concealed Carry holsters.

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The Flashbang

Likely one of the most recognizable holsters designed for women is the flashbang style holster that is made to fit at the center of the cups of the bra. Usually fashioned of leather, the holster is made for very small handguns and is made to sit comfortably between the breasts. It’s not necessarily an easy access holster for a quick draw (although it can be, depending on the attire) however it does provide maximum concealment.

The Garter Holster

Similarly designed to drop leg rigs for the boys, the garter holster is secured at the waistband and plunges down to the upper thigh in a garter style. It’s ideal for use underneath skirts and dresses and comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit any body type.

For Ladies Only

The majority of gun holsters is considered unisex and can be easily used by both men and women. However, specifically designed products exist to capitalize on the variances in shape between men and women and make it easier for the smaller and daintier gender to easily and comfortably carry a concealed handgun without compromising her safety or that of anyone around her.

Keeping Concealing Women Carrying Comfortably