The attractiveness of Chiang Mai is that it brings together both the customs and historical culture of its Asian heritage and the modern conveniences and demands of the young traveler.

Thailand is a top place for teens and students and Chiang Mai seems to have adopted it both economically and voluntarily, as the new and old components which may be seen in town coexist perfectly. One can plan their northern Thailand tour with best travel planners to enjoy family time at Assortment Trip North Thailand.

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Part of the allure of the city is, of course, this tradition, culture and the beauty of the landscape. Chiang Mai has over three hundred temples within its borders so tourists are not short of miracles to see.

The natural appeal of this area may also be experienced through the Night Safari, with its nocturnal tours and light displays between illuminated fountains. Alternatively, they can try out the mountain and spas resorts for a more relaxing way to appreciate Thailand scenery and traditions, or one of the numerous shops.

Shopping is just one of the ways Chiang Mai has updated and it now holds many high-end institutions. Western influences are also found in pubs and restaurants for those less adventuresome tourists craving western food.

Chiang Mai has so much to offer as an entertainment center, including many different pubs that generally stay open until 1 am and clubs that offer live music. For people who prefer their entertainment to be liberated, they can opt to see the Galare.

Chiang Mai-Thailand’s Number One Entertainment Center