There may be many reasons why cats spray around the house. There may be many other reasons besides social factors that may be causing your cat to spray. I will start with telling you the reasons behind why it may be doing it and then hopefully we will be able to get to specific remedies on how to stop cats from spraying.

One last social factor that I want to talk about is the outsider effect. I infact happen to have a bit of a personal experience with it. I had been single for a long time. Even when I did go on a date, I would rarely, if ever bring a girl over. So when I met my girlfriend (future wife) and she started staying over, my cat started spraying much more than usual. It became pretty frequent and thats when I thought she may be marking her territory. Now cats share characteristics with lions and it is not uncommon for lions to pee around a place to mark its territory. Now this may seem weird but when my girlfriend left for a few weeks, she continue to do it as frequently as she did when she was around. So I googled it up and I learnt that it was not completely an act of marking its territory but rather a sign of stress. The cat felt threatened because there was an unfamiliar face around her and now that I think about it, she wasnt even that friendly towards her in the first few months that she moved in.

After a few months however, that problem went away on its own and the cat stopped spraying inside the house.

Possible Remedies on How to Stop Cats from Spraying