It appears that the exact same tired old wife’s tales surrounding birth control pills continue to be common now.  These myths are handed down through centuries, and nothing could apparently shake them out of the public’s awareness.

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And even though some can carry a little grain of fact, the majority of them are totally twisted out of proportion throughout recent years. One reason why young girls still refuse to take birth control pills is simply that they are terrified that they will get fat.

Exactly what the pill does do is modulate estrogen, which could initially cause some water retention and bloat (similar to symptoms of a menstrual cycle).  Changing doses or waiting until your entire body regulates itself, which might require a couple of months, will probably address the issue.

Normally, the pill has been proven to reduce acne, or it might cause no noticeable changes in any way, but it might be uncommon for this to suddenly make it.  Likewise, it doesn’t create facial hair or boosts hip and breast size, but those regions may swell up marginally.

Why then do so many girls insist they’ve experienced a number of those side effects?  The likely answer is wrong cause and connection.  The hormones in the human body are shifting, which might change your mood briefly.

This alone may cause an increased desire or extra stress, which may lead to weight gain or heartburn.  Another reason is that they start taking the pill at a young age once the body has not stopped completely growing, meaning bigger breasts and wider shoulders.

Truth About Birth Control Pills