Paris is a city with an enriching history that dates back to as early as 3 BC. This city is full of historical buildings and monuments, which is a major reason why lots of tourists visit Paris every year. There is a variety of options when it comes to exploring the architecture of the city as it offers designs from different eras.

Some of the most popular historical places that tourists usually visit during their western font tours are:

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1. Notre-Dame Cathedral

This cathedral dates back to the 12th century and is situated near Seine River. It is popular for its intricate and gothic architecture. It took workers more than a century to complete the details of the building.

2. The Louvre Palace and Museum

Most people think this building is a museum but initially it was a palace and fortress before it was converted to the arts museum. Today Louvre is the most popular museum of the world as it houses masterpieces from the medieval times till the present era.

3. La Sainte Chapelle,

It is also called as the ‘Treasury of Light and Glass”. This building is located near Notre Dame, and similar to Notre Dame, has gothic architecture. It was constructed in mid-13th century under the regime of King Louis IX. This cathedral is popular for having exceptionally beautiful stained glass, prominent large windows and 15 glass panels. Most tourists come here to see breathtakingly beautiful and elaborate carvings and paintings.

These are some historical buildings that tourists, especially history enthusiast, come to see in Paris.

Historical Places To Visit In Paris