A cigar box may come in many shapes and dimensions, and maintain anywhere from five or six things to a comprehensive collection comprising hundreds of cigars.  Perfect for gifts, cigar boxes function both to protect and maintain their materials, and also to exhibit them in an attractive, tasteful setting. You can also navigate to http://www.cubana-humidor.com/ to know more about best quality humidors or cigar boxes.

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Contemporary cigar boxes tend to be much like humidors because they comprise climate-controlling characteristics that maximize the warmth and humidity so as to carry on the cigar’s taste and visual appeal.

Some are custom made from timber and hand-crafted to match the specific décor of the buyer’s house. There’s also a huge market for classic cigar boxes.  Serious collectors draw hefty rates for containers which date back to the turn of this century or perhaps earlier.

If it’s the buyer is looking for a cigar box for aesthetics or for preservation, cigar boxes make ideal presents for any aficionado.  Online retailers like Cigar King offer a number of the best cigar boxes, available in several price ranges.

 An easy Cigar Caddy made from Otter Box could be gotten for under $20, even though a timeless Ashton humidor of the beautiful walnut could operate upwards of $1500.Other discount cigar shops provide boxes at reduced prices, and they may frequently be sent to the customer instantly.

If you’re having trouble finding the right cigar shop or distributor in your area, consult with Cigar world online for a directory of all local and domestic cigar outlets.  There you will see literally hundreds of places, both off and online, which supply cigars and cigar accessories to match any event.

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