Australian immigration visas would be the subject of this installment of our guide to immigrating to Australia.

There are lots of types of visa which could be applied for when emigrating to Australia determined by how long you want to stay there and what you will be doing there. These are the main types:

Details About Australian Immigration Visas

The skilled independent visa is a residency visa for those who have qualifications and skills in demand. You are not required to have an employer to sponsor you for one but a test will have to be passed (which assesses your credentials, experience, aptitude, etc.).

An alternative is a business visa, which does not require that you pass a points test provided that you are sponsored by an employer.

A working holiday visa enables individuals aged 18 to 31 to remain in Australia for up to 12 weeks (with extensions being a possibility). Working rights are limited to incidental employment around 6 weeks per employer to supplement your stay.

 Meaning these are just very beneficial to backpackers and travelers, not individuals looking to establish themselves in the nation on a long-term basis.

Retirement visas are intended for self-funded couples that are 55 years or older, have no dependents (other than a partner who is any age), and who wish to live in Australia during their retirement years.

 It is a temporary visa that enables you to remain in the nation for four decades, though it's possible to apply for subsequent ones on expiry, with each allowing you to stay for a further four decades.

Details About Australian Immigration Visas