When an arrest has been made, then it has to be noted on the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) upon trying to enter the nation. Failing to announce past arrests could lead to detention in a Department of Homeland Security authority’s center or permanent ineligibility. US Entry Waiver and Canadian Pardon Application Services required document for individuals with a criminal record that has not been pardoned or destroyed who plans to travel to the United States for work or leisure, or in cases where an individual is refused entry into the United States.

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Charges and Convictions

Any charge placed against a person, irrespective of disposition, ends in a criminal record, and with a criminal record are grounds to be denied entry to the USA. When a person has one, they need to ask a US Entry Waiver (technically referred to as a waiver of Ineligibility), which might or might not be granted according to their criminal background.

Efforts to Enter the United States

Trying to enter the US having a criminal record and with no appropriate authorization (an entrance waiver) is looked upon leniently the very first time (meaning that the person will nevertheless be turned off, however without penalty). Each subsequent effort can be fulfilled with harsher and harsher sanctions, such as confiscation of land (automobile, possessions, etc.) and imprisonment.

Oddities In The US Entry Waiver System